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General information

This blog is hosted at Uberspace. When you visit this blog, some data is automatically transferred to the web server and stored there. This is technically necessary for the display of this website and is limited to the necessary extent. In particular, this involves the following information: the referrer URL (the website from which you came) / the IP address of the device with which you access the blog / the browser used / time and date / the operating system used. This information is used to be able to offer this blog at all. It cannot be associated with any particular individual and is not merged with any personally identifiable information. A purely statistical evaluation is reserved. As soon as the information is no longer needed, it is deleted or anonymised.


Comments are saved with the tool on github. If you leave comments on this website, you agree with the terms of github. Other users can read the Github username and the time of the comment themselves. Utterances itself states: “No tracking, no ads, always free”.

Buttons to share contributions

Among the posts are buttons to share posts via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Xing and email. These buttons are not “social plugins”, they are just links. If you do not use the buttons, no data will be transferred to these companies. Your surfing behaviour on this blog can therefore not be tracked by these companies. Only if you decide to use the buttons to share blog posts (and log in to the mentioned pages if necessary), the company concerned - e.g. Facebook - receives

Responsible body in the sense of data protection law (BDSG/TMG)

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If you wish to assert claims for information, correction, blocking or deletion in accordance with the BDSG or revoke any consent you may have given, please give priority to the e-mail address provided.